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603 Basement Solutions prides themselves in being a trusted and loved Basement Waterproofing Contractor that services New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

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Basement waterproofing solutions are types of waterproofing systems that help your house keep the basement safe and dry.

Your basement is the foundation of your home. Think of it as a sponge, absorbing all the water coming in contact with your foundation and pushing that moisture into your walls, floors, and ceilings. If you’ve noticed any waterlogging or dampness in your basement (or had a wet basement before), then this can lead to significant structural damage and even mold and mildew growth.

That’s where we come in! We have helped thousands of homeowners in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts to improve the health of their basements, and even the health of their loved ones, by making sure that water and moisture in your basement are a thing of the past!

A wet basement can stop you from renovating that old smelly basement into your dream living space. Without having your basement waterproofed, it can be hard seeing the cold and damp space of your home becoming a large, livable space for parties, a guest bedroom, or more!

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If you’ve ever noticed puddling or seepage from the wall/floor joint, or on the floor in your basement, then your home is in need of a quality basement waterproofing system.

Without addressing the issue, water problems never get better, they only get worse. Even if your basement only gets wet during very heavy rains, your home’s air quality can be affected, causing musty odors, and you will not be able to effectively finish your basement for maximum use.

603 Basement Solutions basement waterproofing system is a sub-floor drainage system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems without concerns of clogging from saturated soils under the floor. Our patented systems can be designed to solve the problems of any home, regardless of how bad the water problem is.

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Why does my basement get wet?

There are various reasons the basement needs waterproofing and has a damp or wet interior/exterior.

These are just a few of the hundreds of reasons that you can have damage in your basement area and need it to be waterproofed. 603 Basement Solutions has been taking care of basements in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts for years and completed over a thousand similar projects. Our raving reviews prove we are a team that cares about our community. We want to help bring even more value to your home.

Sloping grounds

When the ground slopes downwards away from the home's foundation, it means your house is at the bottom of a hill, and there is a high chance that rainwater will run under the foundation and into the basement.

Exposure to high water levels

If your home is located in an area that has a high water table or is near a body of water, such as a river, wetness may enter your basement through cracks in the walls.

Damaged vertical drains (clogged drains)

At times, soil from trees and plants can clog up drain pipes leading to your home's sump pump which will cause flooding in your basement and create humid conditions favorable for mold growth.


Rainwater seeps in through the foundations and walls that are not properly waterproofed.

Leaking pipes

Water sources such as basement windows, broken pipes from the laundry room or sinks, and floor drains. Also, the condensation from moisture in the home like humidity from HVAC systems and water piping systems.

Wrong grading

Improper grading around the home can cause improper drainage of water away from the house which can lead to a wet basement.

What is Basement Waterproofing?

Basement water is a serious problem because it can cause structural damage, mold, and structural collapse. This is why it is important to get proper basement waterproofing services done and it’s a specialty of 603 Basement Solutions.

Water entering the basement is not just a problem for homeowners but also for builders and engineers. This type of water intrusion can cause structural damage to the home, create hazardous living conditions and increase energy costs.

Basement water comes from various sources and if you’re tired of the problems it’s causing your home then you can completely solve your basement water problem by having a qualified basement waterproofer come in and assess the situation. That’s where 603 Basement Solutions steps in!

Basement Waterproofing is the process of waterproofing a basement so that water will not leak in from the ground, walls, or floor. This helps to prevent mold growth and can help to prevent the development of other illnesses caused by high humidity in your home and possessions.

There are two major types of basement waterproofing systems: the exterior and interior methods.

Exterior waterproofing involves building an impermeable wall along the foundation perimeter to keep water from entering the basement walls and floor. The exterior walls should either have a sloped drainpipe or be at least six inches above ground level to allow for drainage runoff. 

Interior methods involve sealing cracks in the concrete foundation, installing drainage pipes along the walls, and/or installing wallboard on all walls inside of the basement to prevent any water infiltration.

With that being said, there are various ways to stop water from coming into the basement. You could add a sump pump to the drain, install a French drain system, or use a watertight door to prevent water from coming in. But the only way to guarantee your basement stays dry and able to be used for future plans in remodels and finishing your basement is by getting your basement waterproofed by professionals who’ve seen it all and done it all like 603 Basement Solutions.

Costs of Basement Waterproofing

We understand that having to waterproof your basement can come at an inopportune time financially, to help alleviate the acute pain we have partnered with Goldman Sachs to offer financing solutions.

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