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Crawl Space repair can mean different things to different homeowners. Depending on if you are suffering from sagging floors, rot, mold, mildew, or flowing water, you need and don’t need specific systems. The most common problem that we see is the space being a home for rodents, insects and rot which causes an unhealthy and frankly gross smell to penetrate your home. In this case we offer the 100% Guaranteed 603 Encapsulation, made from the thickest puncture proof materials that exist in the industry. And because of our faith in our product we guarantee our encapsulations for LIFE. 603 Basement Solutions is known for our 100% Dry Guarantee in the basement and we carry over that phenomenal work into the crawl space. You can see why 603 Basement Solutions is the number one rated crawl space repair company in New Hampshire.

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What is crawl space repair?

The crawl space is one of the most hidden parts of our homes. It’s a place that we don’t usually see and often forget to clean or check. But it is an essential part of our home because it provides space for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. Most importantly, it keeps the wooden aspects of your foundation from resting in dirt/water from the elements.

Your crawl space can be a great place to store your holiday decorations or pack away winter clothes. These are some of the benefits for homeowners who have hired 603 Basement Solutions to encapsulate their crawlspace.

As with any other part of your house, when you find issues in your crawl space, it’s time for repair. If you don’t take care of these problems promptly, you may be facing more serious consequences later on down the line.

Causes of crawl space damage

There are many reasons why your crawl space may end up flooded with water. A few common causes include sitting water damage in your crawl space, sloped floor crawl space damage, and mold or mildew crawl space damage.

Moisture is the most common cause of crawl space damage. When moisture accumulates in the crawl space, it can cause the floor joists to rot, wooden beams to warp, and drywall or plaster to crack. Eventually, the wood can rot and give way, which poses a safety hazard for those living above it.

There are 3 main causes of moisture build-up in your crawl space:

  1. When a house is built on a wet site (i.e. where water pools).
  2. When natural ground slopes towards the house and lets water seep through its foundation.
  3. When there is not enough air circulation in the crawl space.

Humidity is a major cause of crawl space damage. When the relative humidity in a house rises to a certain level, it can begin to damage the structure’s foundation, which includes the insulation floor joists and vents that are located under the house.

Dry rot is another common cause of crawl space damage. This occurs when there is too little moisture in the environment for wood to remain healthy and keep its shape.

Termites are yet another reason for crawl space damage, as they can quickly eat away at wood from under your home.

Water intrusion is also an issue that can be attributed to damage in your crawl space. Tightening up the perimeter drainage systems below the home and keeping gutters clean will help remedy this potential problem.

Hiring professionals for crawl space repair is the best thing you could ever do for your home.

As qualified professionals, we expertly complete repairs to your home’s crawl spaces. Our work is backed by our extensive training and experience necessary to do a proper job in a timely manner that ensures quality workmanship. In turn, you’ll save yourself from having to face costly repairs as time goes on.

A crawl space is an enclosed area beneath a building that is not intended for human entry. These crawl spaces are typically unventilated and lack sufficient insulation, making it difficult to regulate temperature or maintain the right humidity levels. The result can cause a variety of problems including mold growth, pest infestation (such as termites), and rot.

Crawl spaces are often dark, dirty, damp, and filled with mold. The floors are often slippery and uneven. This makes it important to hire an expert who knows what they’re doing.

For example, a professional can identify the major sources of moisture or dampness in a crawlspace before fixing them for you – without costing you an arm and a leg in repairs! A professional will have the expertise and the resources needed to assess the situation and take appropriate action to prevent or remove any potential health hazards from your crawl spaces.

As a professional crawl space repair company, we offer services that are both affordable and effective. We are experts in the field, guaranteeing that we will be able to do a quick and efficient job of improving and repairing the crawl space areas in your home.

Learn more about how to maintain your crawl space by reading our blog post here.


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